The Legacy Bonsai Trust


Many bonsai enthusiasts who have been collecting and spending many precious hours every day caring for their trees have found that, while their collection may be of great value while they are alive, the value simply diminishes the day they pass.

Their immediate Bonsai club members and fellow Bonsai enthusiasts have all spent their time and money caring for their own collections and in many cases do not have the finances, time or space to take on more trees that may be offered to them from a grieving spouse or loved one.

The trust has been set up to give the individual an opportunity to decide, while alive, what happens to his or her collection within the trust, what the reasonable value would be and agree up front how the collection can be disposed of.

The trust has also set up a retail arm to dispose of trees in the wholesale and retail arena as well as having the ability to display the trees to the public to advance the art and enjoyment of Bonsai through its Small Tree, Big Heart Foundation and the Legacy Bonsai Academy.

Through this initiative, many of the retired Bonsai enthusiasts are now able to earn a living out of their passion by supplying trees and allied products and services to the Legacy Trust thereby enhancing their retirement funding while continuing to enjoying their love of Bonsai.

The Legacy Trust is a well managed, legal entity, run by trustees who themselves are avid collectors and respected in the bonsai circles. Members select their beneficiaries carefully and all legal documents are drawn up, signed off, and the collector can continue with his / her collection with the full confidence that the Legacy will continue. It is a goal of the trustees that the Legacy Park Project which will encorporate a collection of Legacy trees for full public view as well as restaurant facilities to fund the upkeep of the Legacy Collection for generations to come will be established in future thereby further advancing the growth and love of Bonsai.

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