Meet The Team

 The Founder – Clynt Levin

Born in 1965 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Clynt became a successful businessman from early on in his career as a marketer, salesman and entrepreneurial manager. An avid aviator, helicopter pilot, scuba diver and golfer, Clynt moved down to live in Kloof in KwaZulu Natal around 2006 from Johannesburg. Clynt is married to Nicki and has 3 children and 2 step children. Clynt has held various Directorships and Shareholder relationships over the years in various industries ranging from Financial Services, Precious Metals and most recentely  Packaging. Clynt was the Chief Executive Officer and a major Shareholder of Boxmore Packaging over the last 15 years until he was diagnosed with an illness in November 2015 that forced him to review his career and lifestyle. After a 3-month recovery period and on the advice of a good friend and Neurologist, he took time out and reviewed his life after turning 50. It was after reading a book called “Halftime – Moving from Success to Significance” written by Bob.P.Buford, and rediscovering his relationship with God that the Bonsai journey started. A brief encounter with a number of wacky Bonsai enthusiasts, and the rest is history. He sold his shares and property to Investec to commenced his new life…..

Today, Clynt combines his passion for helicopters and Bonsai by flying to visit collections around the country. Many mornings you will find him sitting on the patio at the nursery at 7am in the morning, reading his bible and planning the next adventure.

There are a number of Legacy projects on the cards and his self diagnosed ADHD will ensure that the Legacy Projects never stop.

alan-grant-legacy-bonsaiThe Manager – Alan Grant

Alan has been in the Nursery Industry since arriving in South Africa, from Zimbabwe in 1979.

He was the General Manager of Stone Age Concrete Industries, which then broadened out into a fully-fledged Garden Centre for 18 years.

Prior to that, Alan owned 2 nurseries, both in Amanzimtoti – these incorporated various landscaping projects such as: The St Michael Sands Hotel, The Eden Group of Companies (housing complexes on the South Coast).

After leaving Stone Age, Alan was involved in the Bonsai Industry, running the Castle Bonsai Nursery in the Centre of Hillcrest for 7 years, and after that, decided to join the Legacy Group.

legacy-bonsai-mushroom-farm-kassier-road-nursery-collections-enthusiasts-durban-south-africaShaun Murphy (Mr. Miyagi)

Shaun’s interest in Bonsai started in 1975 after returning from an extended surfing and general touring holiday overseas (1 year).

Ever since then he has lived, breathed and grown Bonsai. So much so he has had to move three times just to house his growing collection. His family has supported him through all the moving and they now have finally settled into his custom Waterfall Bonsai garden home (designed and built by myself).

Belonging to the Durban Bonsai Club gave him the opportunity to go to the first Convention as a demonstrator, this was held in Johannesburg at the Wits University. Since then he has demonstrated at numerous Conventions and Clubs around South Africa.

Shaun’s passion is the Ficus Natalensis, Natal Wild Fig of which he has become well known for and is often called the Ficus master. He has numerous in his growing collection. One of his first big Ficus specimens (1 metre plus in height) was worked on by John Naka from Japan when he first visited South Africa. “He inspired me to grow big trees,” says Shaun.

Commiphoria Harveyii (Bronze Paperback) have become a close second.

“The best part about doing Bonsai over the last 39 years, has been all the friends I have made and that has been very special as these friendships have lasted till today and I am sure will outlast my trees!”

Shaun has been instrumental in forming a group of bonsai enthusiasts who meet once or twice a month at different private homes. This is over and above his normal club commitments. This group is called “A Moment In Time”. “People are always asking me how old my trees are, or how long did it take to grow or create that tree. Hence the caption,” says Shaun.

“Oh and by the way I was given the name Mr. Miyagi. I guess there is some resemblance to him from the movie Karate Kid.”

Martin Minny

Martin started his bonsai collection many years ago in 1977 when he began with figs, but became an intensive bonsai fanatic around 2011.

Those that have had the privilege of visiting his collection normally leave speechless. He has collected 100s of trees and has amassed a bonsai paradise that needs hours of intense investigation to appreciate.

Martin does not belong to any clubs to rather offers advice on a one on one basis and is always around when you need help. An avid sculptor, a visit to his house leads you on a journey you will never forget.

From a bonsai speciality point of view, he enjoys all types of shapes and sizes but loves the root over rock and Sharimiki styles.

What is your Legacy?